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At Mindful Tasks Academy we strive to ​serve individuals, couples and families, ​empowering through financial ​education and mindful practices. ​Fostering the link between you and ​your relationship with money

Our Vision

To create an impact by switching to a ​positive mindset about money for ​those who have grown with limited ​resources.

Our Founder


My name is Ve Ve (Vee Vee) and this is my story

It was the year 2009, and the economy was still in ​decline. Suddenly, I found myself divorced with two ​little children and homeless. Without job experience or ​education in the United States, as an immigrant, it ​became difficult to support my children. But that did ​not stop me, and after making the right moves, I ​became a homeowner and was able to save up to one ​year of income in my savings account.

Now, it is my mission to empower individuals, couples, ​and families through education and mindset changes ​by providing tools to achieve financial success.

With the Vision To create an impact by switching to a ​positive mindset about money for those who have ​grown with limited resources.

Our Services

Personal Virtual 1:1

Meeting 1:1 virtually to assist designing ​personal financial goals, and understanding ​mindset

Disponible en Espanol

Courses and Memberships

Either you are interested in a course or ​membership, both options gives your ​access to meet 1:1, plus videos, and ​materials related to strategies, mindset, ​and manifestation practices

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Audios (find them in the free ​commu​nity)

Meditation, affirmations, rampage audios, ​other than available through our podcast, ​or either course/membership available for ​fre​e​ on the community

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Do I need to show you my numbers? (Bank Statements, receipts, etc)

No, I do not need personal and sensitive information. My services are as education and ​empowerment, through mindset and manifestation,

02. What if I do not know what my goals are?

I have tools to assist you finding out what are your goals, where you are and where do ​you want to be

03. What if I do not believe in God?

Although I encourage all my clients and students to believe in a Higher being, I respect your decision to stay ​out of that loop, however, probably some techniques in some of the courses, and other materials are not ​going to benefit you. Of course, I also provide services exclusive for techniques, contact for more info

04. I do not speak English, how can you help me?

English is my second language, I can assist 1:1 customers in Spanish, however, materials, and ​courses are provided in English only, to respect other students that can benefits from my ​teachings and do not speak Spanish. Money mindset and manifestation is world wide benefits.

05. I am interested in your course but I do not have enough funds to pay for it?

I have access through angels (or as I like to call the people who have helped me) that support ​scholarships. Not everyone is approved, and there are limited seats, but I encourage everyone to apply.

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Client ​Testimonials

Having an action plan to manage my debt and build ​my credit was key to my goals, Thank you

Scott F

Nancy D

I had no idea I needed a budget strategy, but ​now I understand how to structure and ​redesign my budget

Jose and Diana

We have learned how to incorporate our ​finances, and our relationship has improved

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