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"Transform Your Mind, Unlock Your Potential"

This collection course is a transformative course to ​breakthrough your limiting beliefs and transform your life.... ​Join today

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from the chains of limiting beliefs and unlock the path to ​financial abundance?

Welcome to "Breaking the Barriers," a transformative 4-module ​course designed specifically for women who are ready to ​embrace their financial potential, rewrite their money story, and ​manifest a life of true abundance.

In case you don’t know me

raising my children has been both amazing and challenging. Specially when it comes to finances

I was not aware of the way I spoke about money, and the stress that it was causing in my ​children

Even when there was more than enough money, my kids were afraid to ask to replace their tear ​sneakers, afraid I will be stress, or anxious about money.

I started a journey where I learned the story that was holding me back, probably you have a ​similar story, from the situation I grew up and it carried out to me as an adult

Stories that are also passing on to our children, and the children of our children, I made it my ​commitment to help other women overcome those fears, break through and create a new story

A story that is in alignment with the story we truly want to experience in our lifetime, and ​passing on to our kids, breaking the cycle

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Theres never enough money, will I be able to pay bills?

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Easy comes, easy goes, it just leaves my wallet and my bank account quick

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Have to check my bank constantly, just in case

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Unless I make more, I will be ok

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Asking for a raise? Never!! Its so greedy (or raising prices in my services)

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I am afraid what people will say about me if I ever make more money

"Breaking the Barriers" is not just another financial course. It's a holistic journey that combines ​the power of financial education, mindset shifting, and money mindset to empower you to take ​control of your finances and transform your life.

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What would you learn?

  • What are barriers?
  • Who created barriers ​in my subconscious?
  • What if I do not have ​any barriers?
  • Understanding the ​Science Behind our ​mind
  • Why are the barriers so ​important?
  • How can they affect ​financial goals?
  • What happens if I ​never work through ​them?

  • Breaking Barriers
  • Beliefs that are not ​mine, that I did not ​create, that someone ​told me to TRASH!!
  • How to identify if these ​beliefs are mine or ​someone else's?
  • Time to reframe
  • I know my purpose so ​therefore here are the ​beliefs that adapt to ​the type of person I ​want to become
  • My new story

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