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Join me for an inspiring and transformative ​workshop designed to bring your dreams and ​aspirations to life through the powerful tool of ​vision boards. This virtual session is perfect for ​anyone looking to set clear intentions, focus on ​personal goals, and unlock their full potential in ​a creative and supportive environment.

what tye of modalities ​will be introduced?

Girl Dreaming about Travel to France and Creating Mood Board


Images that brings the ​dream and feelings

Woman in White Long Sleeved Shirt Holding a Pen Writing on a Paper


Words that brings the ​dream and feelings

Listening to the serene sounds of nature


Your own voice and music ​that brings the dream and ​feelings

what type of boards are ​out there?

Black Circle Geometric Memphis


Black Circle Geometric Memphis
mood  icon


Black Circle Geometric Memphis
Holding Heart


Black Circle Geometric Memphis
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What to expect?

During this immersive workshop, you will be guided through the process of creating your own vision board, a tangible ​representation of your desired future. I will introduce you to the concept of vision boarding, sharing insights into how this visual ​form of goal setting can align your subconscious mind with your dreams.

Introduction to Vision Boards:

Understand the psychology behind vision boards and ​how they can serve as a catalyst for change and ​manifestation in your life.

Goal Setting and Clarity:

Engage in reflective exercises to gain clarity on your ​aspirations, values, and what truly matters to you.

Creative Expression:

Dive into a wealth of materials including magazines, ​photographs, quotes, and embellishments to visually ​articulate your dreams and goals.

Visualization Techniques:

Learn effective visualization and affirmation practices to ​enhance the power of your vision board as a daily ​motivational tool.

Community and Support:

Share your aspirations and insights in a nurturing group ​setting, fostering connections and mutual encouragement.

Actionable Steps:

Leave the workshop not only with a personalized vision ​board but also with a clear set of actionable steps to bring ​your vision to life.

important dates

Sign Up starts from March 15- 29 ​2024

Email launching to register for zoom ​start on March 29 2024

First Day of the Virtual Workshop ​April 1, 2024

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